Looking glasses are no longer limited to the oval shapes medium sized ones which one can easily hang on the wall. These days there are a number of looking glasses in the market to be sold as there is a demand for all shapes and sizes of looking glasses. Ever since they started to play an important part in the interior decoration of a house or any other kind of building these different choices of looking glasses appeared in the market.
Not only that we now have the ability to actually get custom mirrors and pretty poster framing  from certain looking glass manufacturers who are ready to deliver us the exact kind of looking glass we want to have. However, before we order any kind of a looking glass from them we should know what kind of looking glass choices there are in the market. 

Different Shapes

The first thing a person notices about the kinds of looking glasses in the market is the shapes of the looking glasses. There are oval, round, square, rectangular shaped looking glasses in the market. These are the basic shapes you are going to see. However, if there is the need to go out of these normal basic shapes and get a looking glass which holds a special shape there are looking glass manufacturers who are ready to accept the challenge.

Different Mounting

One of the most special features of the custom made mirrors Melbourne in the market is the mounting which surrounds each looking glass. There is the general mounting choices which comes as either a polished metal surface or a polished timber surface. There are also the mountings which come with all kinds of designs and engravings. These different designs and engravings can give a mounting the best look it should have to go with the surroundings of your building.

Different Sizes

Looking glasses also come in different sizes. The size of the looking glass you should hang on a wall should be decided based on the purpose of the looking glass and the space where it is going to appear. Now, for a place like a dancing studio you need to have a large looking glass or a couple of them to cover the whole wall. However, at a place such as a bedroom the looking glass can be large enough to see your upper body. As these looking glasses can be divided into different categories based on these matters you have to consider every small detail before you select one or a couple for your use.

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