Hotels are places where people love to go to have a nice lunch with your business partners or to have dinner with your date or having a breakfast with your friends, a hotel facility is a very good place. Not only that. People who are visiting a country would have to have a place to stay, so obviously their choice would be to book in to a hotel so they could proceed in their travelling activities or to whatever purpose they have come to that particular country. Anyways, how would you choose a hotel from good to better to best? There’s a ranking system which categorize a hotel by stars. Five star or seven star hotels are the best service providers of the field where everyone would dream to spend a day at. Anyway, where would be the places which everyone would love to be when they are in a hotel?

Best places

A hotel earns its stars by providing the best facilities to their customers. Including their helping services and the quality of their food is the best way to win a customers’ heart. But a traveler or any person who stay in a hotel would love to have a great time in the hotel. So what they are seeking is a place to relax. Spa is a nice place to get relaxed having a massage for your sore muscles and the next thing is in ground pools. Because a hotel always provide a variety of pool service in order to give their customers the maximums satisfaction. So what they do is, install the best facilities to their hotel premises in order to satisfy their customers. Visit this link for more info on inground pools Melbourne,

Taking to the next level

As said, the ranking of a hotel or the stars of a hotel only get increase according to the quality of their service they have to provide. So providing a spa area and swimming pools in Melbourne is a better idea, but to make it the best, as the administration of the hotel, you have to provide the best people or the professionals who would give the best service, as in which, when you are having a spa in your hotel, the person who is in charge of the spa has to have a good experience in giving the massages and medical bath or any kind of service that the customer ask for. And when it comes to pools, there has to be lifeguards to have the pool area secured, because an accident can happen at any time and anyone could get drawn in water.


Just like the other services, the pool and spas are the best service that a hotel could offer as most of the travelers consider these two factors before they book a hotel online even before they visit the hotel.