Are you planning on putting your home up for sale? Do you feel selling it in it’s current condition may not help you get the price you want to quote for it? Do you need a few tips to help you sell your home? If you answered yes, then here’s what we have for you…!

Think of the exterior; the first glimpse of your home to the potential buyers

If you have been house hunting recently, you will understand when we say that the exterior of the house is vital when it comes to selling a home successfully. Most potential clients make up a decision almost before they enter you home; or at the very least, your home’s exterior will play a part in how positively they look at your home. To prepare you exterior, consider roof painting, as well as giving your exterior walls a color wash. It is also a good idea to try and spruce up your garden. Even if you are not an enthusiastic gardener, you should be able to handle maintaining a garden for a few weeks.

Increasing your home’s value walkways

There are a few small things that can help you increase your home’s value. Apart from roof cleaning Epping and painting, you should also consider giving your home’s interior a coat of paint. If you have the financial capability or have set aside a budget for sprucing up your home for the sale, then consider replacing your floors to something more impressive; like wooden flooring. You could also consider giving your garden a stone walkway; once more increasing your home’s worth.

The grand tour and how to make it less difficult to your buyers

Most potential buyers would prefer to tour your home before buying it; and getting the tour from you will give them an insight as well. Try to make this tour interesting. Arrange your furniture so you need not walk around it with difficulty; something that will make your buyers feel like your home is smaller than it is. Also try and get rid of, or at least hide away the clutteras most people feel stuffy when surrounded by clutter…

Avoiding those small things that cost you a great deal

If you ask us for things that will decrease your home’s worth, what we have to say might surprise you. Simple things like leaking taps, water patches on your walls, uneven floor tiles, dim lights in the bathroom and even loose stair railings play a large part on reducing your home’s value in the eyes of your potential buyers; because to them, these are things they will have to spend on if they buy your home. Take your time to see these fixed before you give the grand tour…