When you upgrade your electrical service from 200 amps to 400 amps, it is required that you disconnect the power lines to your home. Otherwise, you’ll get a nasty shock. The upgrade will also include installing a brand new meter socket, and replacing of the circuit breaker panel.

This kind of job requires the active participation of level 2 electrical contractors. They have the requisite knowledge and expertise to carry out the job precisely, at no danger to you or the house. In addition they are licensed, and have the necessary clearance from authorities.

Electric cabling service is a very specialized job, and best left to the hands of these contractors. Being a layman, do not attempt such jobs on your own. This will cause more harm than good.Your home may lose electrical power during the course of the upgrade, however a good electrician may be able to minimize the power loss by cutting down on the time. For upgrading to 400 amps, it would cost you quite a bit. As an example, the mere replacement of a circuit panel would cost you 2444 AUD. Click here for more info on electric cabling service Sydney.

A lot of qualified electricians suggest that you should get a whole house surge protector installed. It may add about 175 AUD to the bill, but it’s much safer to have one of these installed. You don’t want to risk it when it comes to electrical surge protectors, because they help keep your electrical appliances safe in the instance of a power surge.

Some of the main reasons to upgrade the electrical service are that you have moved into a home which has low amperage. You may want to remodel and add certain high powered amenities which would not run properly on 200 amperes. Such machines include a kiln and a hot tub, for example.
At other times, you may need to do underground work, like burying overhead power lines. It is best to get the upgrade done at these times; it saves you the hassle of continuous electrical work. Remember that these tasks are not DIY projects. An electrician should always be called for specialized jobs, which is why they are doing business.

You need to ask the electrician a few questions before hiring them. Ask if they are licensed, insured and bonded. They should possess a valid electrical contractor’s license, insist on seeing this. The license proves that the electrical contractor has gone through necessary study and passed exams to prove his worth.

Also, experience is as important as holding a license. The longer the contractor has been at work, the better are his chances of doing a pitch perfect job. He understands the importance of customer satisfaction and will help you to cut down on unwanted expenditure.