Senior citizens nowadays have many care options to select from. While some prefer to live on their own, some would prefer to be taken care of with some form of assistance from a care giver or a family member. There are two very common options the elderly go for when it comes to living out their lives in their own terms. One option is called assisted living which is a bit restrictive, and the other option is independent living Sydney which is the option that gives them the most freedom. Let us now look at some of the differences or similarities in these two options. The self supported category usually has many housing options to select from. Sometimes they are apartment style structures with each senior citizen having their own private living space with some common areas shared with others. These types of facilities are commonly known as retirement communities or even senior apartments. They are usually facilitated with amenities such as a full kitchen, so that the elderly resident can live a free and self supported life. These communities provide their residents a safe environment to go about their daily activities and live a normal life. There are also readily available medical, housekeeping and meal facilities available on request. Therefore it gives the residents the freedom to choose from. In the assisted living option the housing options may still look like apartments with individual rooms or living spaces provided, however there will be additional services attached such as supervisory medical staff and aged care Sydney , memory care and even strict security measures put in place.

These facilities may not have fully serviced kitchens because they pose safety hazards. There will also be added surveillance of the residents for their own safety and protection. The assisted living option is most suitable for individuals who need some form of support and help in carrying out their daily activities. Because of this they would usually receive support in terms of housekeeping, laundry services, medical and even transportation. These facilities while providing an essential service also make sure that the residents have an active lifestyle by organising assisted community activities, trips and other gatherings for social engagement and entertainment. Most retirement homes nowadays provide both types of facilitates to choose from. Therefore residents can usually adjust their lifestyle as and when they require. Therefore it is important to check in advance the facilities that are provided and any additional fees that will need to be paid for specialised services that may be required in the future. For an elderly adult it can be sometimes difficult to decide on which option to select. Loss of independence can also be stressful therefore getting used to living in such faculties might take some time. Therefore family members need to be open to discussing the actual requirements of their elderly loved ones in making sure that they get the proper support and care they need.ages-care